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We are so excited to begin in-person treatments starting June 1st, 2020.


A Custom Hybrid Model of Care….


We are loving the tele-rehab option and in order to help slow the spread and flattening the curve, we will be moving forward with a hybrid model. This means your first/initial assessment will be through a PIPEDA/HIPPA compliant video chat. Then, together, we will customize your treatment plan with a mix of in-person visits and tele-rehab


You still get the same great treatments, customized to your individual needs, with more options of delivery. How great is that!!!



The pandemic is far from over and your health and well being is our utmost concern! We are doing everything we can to mitigate your risk.

We have new policies and procedures to comply with new standards of practice for health professionals. Please see our COVID-19 page to get all the details of what we are doing to help stop the spread in such an intimate treatment space.


As with anything in life, we cannot guarantee a 100% covid free environment, but we are following the current guidelines to the best of our ability. It is up to you to decide if the benefit of coming to an in-person treatment outweighs the risk, of potential exposure.





We are located in Bloor West Village,

just north of Bloor, west of Jane at:

33 Methuen Ave, lower level

Toronto, ON M6S 1Z7


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