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Movement Therapist - Shirley Srubiski R.Kin, CSEP-CPT

Shirley is a Registered Kinesiologist and CSEP certified personal trainer with a passion for helping individuals move better, feel stronger, and achieve active, healthy lifestyles. She has extensive knowledge of exercise-based rehabilitation programs for musculoskeletal injuries and exercise training to improve overall health and fitness.

Her particular interest in women’s health led her to become certified as a Pre & Post Natal Fitness Consultant. She provides exercise programs for women throughout pregnancy and post-partum with a focus on restorative exercises for individuals with diastasis recti and pelvic floor dysfunction.

Shirley earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Kinesiology and Health Science from York University and went on to complete her Master of Science degree in Exercise Sciences at the University of Toronto. The focus of her Masters work was on motor control and learning and she applies this knowledge in helping individuals learn and re-learn how to connect with the bodies. She regularly participates in continuing education to further her skills having received certifications as a Pfilates (pelvic floor pilates) instructor and Hypopressive Method (Low Pressure Fitness) instructor. Shirley also contributes to the education of other fitness and allied healthcare professionals as a Bellies Inc. Master Trainer.

When Shirley isn’t working or at the gym you’ll probably find her drawing and painting, knitting up a new scarf, or buried in a good book.

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