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Find A New Physiotherapist For Transfer

Physiotherapists are required by our regulatory body (college of physiotherapists of Ontario) to conduct a new assessment on a patient that is new to them. I highly recommend this as it gets you acquainted with them, and it gives you the opportunity to fill them in on your full story. The therapists in this list I either know personally or I know the clinic owner personally and feel confident that you will get quality, continuation of care. If at any time, you do not gel with your new therapist, please let the receptionist or owner of the clinic know so they can help you find someone that will be the best fit for you.


Pelvic Floor Physio's

Vital Physiotherapy and Wellness – closest to me

734 St. Clair Avenue W.
Toronto, ON, M6C 1B3
(416) 551-0900

This is my girlfriend’s clinic. I mentored Chana when she first came to the spine and sport clinic, oh so many years ago. After having her babes, she came to work for me at my downtown clinic, and now has grown hers into a wonderful haven for women to receive pelvic health treatments. This is where I send anyone urgent or acute when I am away, also any paediatric needs. She has 4 pelvic physios on staff, all with their own special niches.
Talia, Julie, Agness and Sara returns from mat leave in September. You can read their bios here:
https://vitalphysiotherapy.com/team and contact the lovely Kaia to book info@vitalphysiotherapy or 416-551-0900



Fraser Pelvic Health - Bloor and Dufferin

280 Havelock St. Unit 200
Toronto, ON M6H 3B9

Michelle Fraser is an amazing person and pelvic physio. We have been on many courses together and she has treated me. She is especially intuitive and practices a kind, trauma informed care.



Advanced Pelvic Physiotherapy Centre – Downtown Toronto

123 Edward St. suite 1124
Toronto, ON M5G1E2

This clinic is owned by 3 amazing physios that I know personally and have done many courses with. I have also shared patients with their RMT Akari who is just lovely! They all are. They have many pelvic PTs, 2 naturopaths and a sex therapist!!



Proactive Pelvic Health Centre

235 Danforth Ave. suite 405
Toronto, ON M4K 1N2

Angelique and I go way back, can’t even count how many courses and conferences we have taken together! This clinic is well known for their treatment of pelvic pain, but they do it all. She has 8 PFPTs. This is the clinic I send my people who live in the east end as it is easy to match with one of their physios.



Bosnar Health – Yonge and Eglington

155 Redpath Avenue
Toronto, ON M4P 2K5

Kristina Bosnar is a good friend of mine, my chiro and functional medicine doctor. Her PFPT Adriana Spassova is her lovely PFPT that I had the pleasure of mentoring when she first decided to start pelvic health. I have watched her blossom into a fabulous PFPT.



Get Moving Physio, for those of you up north ;)

136 Bradford Street
Barrie, ON L4N 3B3

Trish Brunelle took my Bellies Inc course years ago, then she took the physio doula course we brought to Canada. She now teaches an updated physio-doula course that she has created to help prepare for birthing. Her clinic also does pessary fittings. She has 4 PFPTs to choose from to continue your treatment.



Women’s health physiotherapy Ajax and Whitby

144 Old Kingston Road, Unit 5, Ajax
209 Dundas Street East, Unit 201 and 202, Whitby

I have known Laura and her PFPTs for years. They are a great clinic east of the city.



Newcastle Village Physiotherapy

87 Mill St. North
Newcastle, ON

Ana has been a PFPT even longer than me!!



Elevation Physiotherapy and Wellness – Mississauga

2340 council Ring Road, Unit 105
Mississauga, ON L5L 1C1

Lynda McClatchie and I worked together for 12 years at the spine and sports clinic. She is credentialed in the McKenzie approach and Pelvic Health. She has treated me many times over the years! We have similar treatment approaches. She also has another PFPT and an ortho physio at her clinic.



Core Restore Physiotherapy and Pelvic Health

205467 Dufferin Rd. 109
Orangeville, ON L9W 0V1

Emily Adams is a PFPT, the owner and a great personal friend. She practices similarly to me using the Integrated Systems Model approach from Diane Lee and also has a real time ultrasound machine for imaging the abdominal wall for diastasis rectus abdominis. She has treated me multiple times, a short list of people I trust with my own body. Definitely worth the drive ;)



The Physiotherapy Professionals in Vaughan

9100 Jane St, Bldg A #102
Vaughan, ON L4K 0A4

Nelly Faghani is the owner by one of our most experienced Pelvic physios! She also owns the teaching company that is producing all these high quality pelvic physios. I have done many courses with Nelly. She is amazing. She has a full staff of pelvic physios for you to choose from.



Regular/Sport Physio's in the neighbourhood

Pivot SMO

2288 Bloor St. West
Toronto, ON, M6S 1N9


2489 Bloor St W Suite 102
Toronto, ON M6S 1R6

For regular physio/sports in the neighbourhood. I know both owners personally, and they are quality, these are good clinics, but I am not familiar with all their therapists. They have both regular physios, specialized in sports, and some pelvic health.



St.Clair West Physio

1466 Bathurst St. #306
Toronto, ON

Andrew Kim is another former colleague from that spine and sports clinic! He is credentialled in Mackenzie and Manual therapy and will be great for spine and sport ortho treatment. Although I don’t know her personally, he also has a PFPT on staff.



InsideOut Physiotherapy and Wellness group

1200 Bay St. suite 502
Toronto ON M5R 2A5

Jen Howey has a fabulous orthopedic clinic at Bay and Bloor. I have shared patients with her and her team, they are “pelvic aware” although currently don’t have their own PFPT on staff.



Mend Physio in Leslieville

270 Carlaw Avenue, unit 101
Toronto, ON M4M3L1

The owners, Nicole and Candice and I did Diane Lee’s Integrated Systems approach together many years ago. They are an amazing orthopedic clinic. Although they don’t do any internal pelvic health on site, they are very mindful of the pelvic floor and do many effective external pelvic treatments. I have collaborated with them on shared patients, I even sent my husband to them for his knee.



Fairlawn Physiotherapy

3340 Yonge Street
Toronto ON M4N 2M4

A little further out, Yonge and Lawrence is Fairlawn, again I know the owner Tazim. They do mostly spine and sports, regular physio, but do have 1 pelvic physio.



Cornerstone Physio

55 University Ave. Suite 1710, Toronto
2 Carlton St. Suite 1800, Toronto
4789 Yonge St. Suite 1006, North York
1860 Appleby Line Unit 19, Burlington
5051 Hwy 7 Unit 5, Markham

Cornerstone Physio has 5 locations: Downtown Toronto, College Station, North York, Burlington and Markham. Again, Adam, one of the owners and I worked together way back. He has regular physio and pelvic health.



To Find Another Option

At worse, if you can’t find one you like off my list, then feel free to search by city or by specific course/technique at the Pelvic Health Solutions website.

Or by location on our college site:
Scroll down to “controlled acts” and click on “assessing pelvic musculature” for pelvic health.


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