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Pain after Childbirth


Physiotherapy in Toronto for Womens' Health Issues

Welcome to PhysioExcellence’s resource on pain after childbirth.

While many health issues affect both men and women, there are a number of conditions that only affect women. Women's health is a distinct specialty within the healthcare field. This guide was designed to help you understand the causes and treatment options available for painful conditions which can develop after childbirth. There is no reason to suffer alone – get educated on your condition, speak to your healthcare practitioner about it, and get help.

A woman's body goes through many physical changes before, during and after childbirth, with many of these changes being accompanied by pain. With all the other emotions and physical changes during this time (lack of sleep, excitement over the new baby, spending time with visitors, learning how to be a new parent, etc.), having to deal with pain is the last thing a new mother wants to add to the mix.  Pain can be felt in various parts of the body. This article describes the causes and best treatments for the most common types of pain experienced by new mothers.

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