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Chronic Pain


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Welcome to PhysioExcellence's resource on chronic pain.

Chronic pain is generally classified as pain that lasts for longer than 6 months [1].  While there are many possible causes, one is thought to be due to problems with some of the receptors found throughout the body that receive and transmit information from your five senses to your brain. Alternately there may be a problem with how the receptors of the central brain and nervous system interpret the information they receive [2].  Common complaints include joint pain from arthritis, headache, low back pain or pain associated with cancer.  There is also the chronic pain that seems to have no real cause but is just as severe and debilitating as pain with a known cause.
Research has shown that women deal with chronic pain longer and more often than men.  Women also feel pain more intensely [3].  Therefore it should come as no surprise that women are 1.5 times more likely to have headaches and neck, shoulder, knee or back pain; two times more likely to have oral or facial pain; 2.5 times more likely to suffer from migraines and four times more likely to have fibromyalgia [4].


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