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Testing for diastasis recti

Testing for Diastasis Recti

A simple test can be done by an experienced therapist. While laying on your back, knees bent, place the fingers of one hand into your belly button. As you tuck your chin in and lift your head slowly off the floor, feel when the left and right sides of the muscle come together. You are looking for that initial gripping of your fingers. If your head is way off the floor, you missed the initial contraction, so start again with more fingers. It is not unusual to have 4+ fingers post partum. You also want to take note of how deep your fingers go in. This will give you an indication of the integrity of the connective tissue of the linea alba. The width of this tissue can vary greatly therefore can cause some confusion. If the separation exceeds 1-2 finger in width and if there is laxity in the linea alba, diastasis recti is likely present and you would benefit from a specific exercise program to counter the separation of the abdominis muscles.






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