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What is a prolapse?

It is a loss of fibromuscular support resulting in a vaginal protusion of an abdominal organ.

  • Cystocele:
    • Prolapse of the bladder into the anterior vaginal wall

  • Urethrocele:
    • Prolapse of the urethra into the anterior vaginal wall

  • Uretrhocystocele:
    • Prolapse of both the urethra and bladder into the anterior vaginal wall

  • Rectocele:
    • Prolapse of the rectum into the posterior vaginal wall

  • Enterocele:
    • Prolapse of the small intestine through the Douglas cul-de-sac in the posterior vaginal wall

  • Hysterocele:
    • This is also called uterine prolapse and occurs when the uterus descends into the vagina


Julia Di Paolo, Reg. PT is a certified Pelvic Floor Physiotherapist in downtown Toronto who can do an internal assessment of your pelvic floor muscles. Using vaginal/anal techniques she can palpate the individual muscles that form your pelvic floor. She will then be able to create a custom exercise and treatment program to treat your specific type of pelvic floor dysfunction be it urinairy incontinence or pelvic organ prolapse (cystocele, urethrocystocele, rectocele). Thus ensuring pelvic floor health over your lifetime.

To find a pelvic floor physiotherapist in your area please click here: Women’s Health Division website

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